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Clouds over the Gavel Family Farm Preserve; photo by Ann Astarita


If you plan: 1) to run a program or hold an event; or 2) to bring a group to our preserves, please fill out and submit this Request to Use Preserves form.

If you are charging participants to attend your program or event, please contact the RLT office before submitting the form. Call 860-350-4148 or email execdirector@roxburylandtrust.org. Thank you.

Dogs are welcome on our preserves, but please keep your dog leashed and clean up after him/her. Please practice "Leave No Trace": Leave only footsteps, take only photos. Carry out and properly dispose of whatever you bring in. Your cooperation allows everyone to safely enjoy the preserves.

Be weather smart! RLT maintains winter parking at Tierney, Mine Hill, River Road and Orzech Family Preserves. Please use good judgment with weather conditions, daylight hours and wet, snowy or icy trails. As always, motorized vehicles are prohibited, and preserves close at dusk.

Volunteers are always needed to monitor and maintain our trails. Contact the office, 860-350-4148 or execdirector@roxburylandtrust.org, to volunteer.

The Roxbury Land Trust does not allow ATVs or other motorized vehicles on any of its trails or any of its preserves. Please report any such activity directly to the Resident Trooper, 860-354-0089.

Fifth Edition, Spring 2016 • Made possible by the generosity of The Ellen Knowles Harcourt Foundation • Map is an artistic rendering by Billy Steers.


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Detailed trail maps are available.
Please observe our
Trail Stewardship rules.

1. Mine Hill Preserve · 360 acres Hiking, Historic Site, Fishing, Cross-Country Skiing, Farm Fields    Download Map
Access: Off Mine Hill Road, on right 0.3 miles after turn off Route 67.
Trails: The Main Loop (blue blazes) is a moderately difficult, 3.5-mile trail that climbs up the Donkey Trail, past abandoned mine shafts, through quarries and to the remains of an iron ore blast furnace and roasting ovens.
The Rervoir Trail (yellow blazes) is an easy, 0.3-mile loop that begins at the south end of the pond, passes over the footbridge and rejoins the Donkey Trail.
The restored furnace and roasting ovens are also an easy, 0.2-mile walk from the parking lot.
Features: Nine self-guiding interpretive signs. Restored 19th century blast furnace and roasting ovens. National Register of Historic Places. Granite quarries. Mine shafts (now home to bats). Donkey paths. Stone bridge. Farm fields along the Shepaug River. Learn more about about the geology, ecology and history of Mine Hill.

2. Carter Preserve · 160 acres Hiking, Farm Fields    Download Map
Access: Current access is at the Quarry Bridge off the Blue Loop in the Mine Hill Preserve.
Trail: An easy 2-mile loop (red blazes) begins at Mine Hill's Quarry Bridge (about 1.5 miles in from the parking lot).
Features: Vernal pools. Farm fields. Distant winter views.

3. Battle Swamp Brook Preserve & Raven Rock Preserve · 45 acres Hiking    Download Map
Access: Off Judds Bridge Road, on right about 1.2 miles from turn off Route 199.
Trail: 1.35-mile easy walk from Judd's Bridge Road to Battle Swamp Road and back.
Features: Battle Swamp Brook


Red Eft at Beardsley Preserve;
photo by Ann Astarita

4. Emily Griffith Beardsley Preserve, Humphrey Preserve & Moosehorn Access · 138 acres Hiking, Historic Site    Download Map
Access: One entrance is off Route 199, about 0.75 miles from Route 67 intersection. Second is off Moosehorn Road, about 0.7 miles on the right after turn off Davenport Road.
Trails: The Blue Loop is 3 miles long and of moderate difficulty. Beginning at the white barn off Route 199, this hike has some steep climbs over the preserve's rolling terrain.
The Red Loop is 1.6 miles long and begins off Moosehorn Road. It offers some steep climbs. Both trails lead to Caroline Glen and skirt Moosehorn Brook.
Features: Caroline Glen, where the brook cascades through a rocky gorge rimmed by tall hemlocks. Old sawmill site. Hemlock groves.

5. Horrigan Family Preserve · 6 acres
Access: On south side of Painter Hill Road east of intersection with Cross Brook Road.
Trails: To be developed.
Features: Old farm field. Cross Brook.

6. Gavel Family Farm Preserve · 200 acres Picnic, Farm Fields, Hiking, Cross-Country Skiing, Birding
Access: Parking lot off Dorothy Diebold Lane.
Trails: None
Features: Stunning views to south, east and west. Rolling meadows. Jack's Brook. Working farmland.

7. Lilly Preserve · 140 acres Hiking, Picnic Table, Horses Allowed, Historic Site, Farm Fields, Birding    Download Map.    This also adjoins the Baldwin Preserve.
Access: One entrance is 2 miles east of Roxbury Green near bridge on Route 317. A second entrance is off Old Tophet Road.
Trails: The Blue Loop is 1.5 miles long and of moderate difficulty. It passes through marshes and swamps near Jack's Brook.
The Red Loop is 1 mile long and of moderate difficulty. It traverses the upper wooded portion of the preserve.
Features: Marshland. Wooded swampland. Beaver activity. Mixed hardwoods. Old stone walls. Rock outcroppings. Farm field with grazing cattle during summer. Sawmill site. Orchard across Route 317/Good Hill Road has a picnic area.

The Greenbelt: 720 Acres — Preserves 8 - 13

Download Map

8. Matthau Preserve · 32 acres Farm Fields
Access: Off Tophet Road
Trails: None
Features: Open pastureland. Views to east.

9. Styron Preserve · 22 acres Farm Fields
Access: Off Tophet Road
Trails: None
Features: Beautiful open meadow. Old-growth trees.

10. Widmark Preserve · 27 acres and 3-acre Baldwin Connector Farm Fields, Historic Site
Access: Off Tophet Road
Trails: None
Features: Historic one-room Good Hill Achoolhouse and sculpture, DOLMEN 1997, in memory of Jean Widmark, by Tom Doyle

11. Arthur Miller & Inge Morath Miller Preserve · 55 acres Hiking
Access: Tophet Road at Hoop Hill Road
Trail: Follow old wood road (Hoop Hill Road) to connect to Greenbelt Blue Trail or take short White Trail south for 0.81 mile to gate at Tophet Road.
Features: Old wood road. Old pasture. Woodlands.

12. Miller Preserve Addition · 120 acres Hiking
Access: Via Greenbelt or from Tophet Road at the Miller/Morath Preserve.
Trail: Part of Greenbelt Blue Trail with a Painter Hill Red Loop of 0.88 mile.
Features: Undisturbed woodlands.

13. Good Hill Farm Preserve · 476 acres Hiking, Cross-Country Skiing, Farm Fields, Birding
Access: Parking and trailhead 0.5 miles east of Tophet Road on Route 317/Good Hill Road.
Trail: 3.31 mile Blue Trail begins here and goes all the way to the Painter Hill Red Loop across the entire Greenbelt. 6+ miles round trip.Moderate to difficult, due to length and terrain. Also easy 1 mile Red Farm Loop east of barnyard.
Features: Working farm. Sweeping eastern and western views. Important grassland bird habitat. Hilly woodlands.

14. Baldwin Preserve & Bray Preserve · 60 acres Hiking, Birding, Picnic Area    Download Map
Access: From either Route 317 (on right about 2 miles east of Roxbury Green) or from Lower County Road, on left about 0.5 mile from Route 317 intersection.
Trails: From Lower Country Road, 1.5 miles round trip of gradual ascents/descents along well-worn trails. Left or right on the blue loop will take you past mountain laurel and vernal ponds. At the old stone wall, the red trail leads left past the edge of van Deusen swamp to Route 317 (where you can cross to the Lilly Preserve) or turn right to pass the beaver lodge to a picnic site.
Features: Rock outcroppings. Old beech trees, mountain laurel. View over van Deusen Preserve.

15. van Deusen Preserve · 21 acres Hiking, Birding    Download Map    This also connects to the Baldwin Preserve
Access: The entrance is off Bacon Road, about 0.3 mile on the right after turning off Route 317. Park on the roadside.
Trail: The unblazed trail is less than 0.1 mile long and is an easy walk down a planked trail from the road to the swamp, where there is a viewing deck.
Features: Jack's Brook. Swamp is host to waterfowl, beavers and other wildlife.

16. Natalie White Preserve · 9 acres Hiking    Download Map
Access: Off Rucum Road, on left about 0.1 mile from Route 67 intersection.
Trail: Easy 0.25-mile loop; no trail blazes.
Features: Lovely western views of Roxbury's rolling hills and farmlands. Natalie White Memorial sculpture.

17. Glaves Preserve · 5 acres
No public access or trail.

18. Brian E. Tierney Preserve · 56 acres Hiking, Farm Fields    Download Map
Access: Parking lot off Squire Road, near Apple Lane intersection, 0.5 mile from Route 67 or 0.9 mile from South Street.
Trails: 1.8-mile trail loop of moderate difficulty. Requires some steep, rocky climbing along high rim that forms the western boundary. Less difficult walk along Jack's Brook and edge of field to the Cascades.
Features: Large glacial boulders. Jack's Brook. A series of waterfalls called the Cascades. Old stone walls. Hemlocks, mountain laurel, large beech trees. Open hay fields. A spur trail links this to the Allen S. Hurlburt Preserve.

18. Allen S. Hurlburt Preserve · 25 acres Hiking    Download Map
Access: Park along Flag Swamp Road. Walk in at Preserve sign to the 1.8 mile Tierney Preserve trail.
Trail: Approximate 0.5 mile gentle, rolling trail to Tierney Preserve loop.
Features: Gently rolling wooded hills with pristine wetlands.

19. Leander Woods Preserve · 34 acres
Access: Off Flag Swamp Road
Trails: None
Features: Hemlocks. Old stone walls.

20. River's Edge Preserve · 24 acres Hiking, Birding, Fishing    Download Map
Access: Off Lower River Road. Park at gate and walk in 50 yards along road bed. Turn left at large boulder with blue arrow.
Trail: 1-mile loop, moderate with steep climbs and narrow paths, some along river’s edge. Loop crosses Sherman Park field and continues up hillside.
Features: Meadow, sweeping bend of the Shepaug River.

21. River Road Preserve, Erbacher Preserve & Golden Harvest Preserve · 453 acres Hiking, Picnic Table, Fishing, Historic Site, Horses Allowed, Farm Fields, Cross-Country Skiing, Birding    Download Map
Access: All three preserves are accessed through the River Road Preserve off River Road or from the Botsford Hill Road parking lot at Orzech Family Preserve.
Trails: The River Road trail is a 1.5 mile loop of moderate difficulty with some steep climbs and access to the Shepaug River.

The Erbacher trail starts to the left after crossing Volunteers Bridge (0.75-mile in from the start of River Road trail) and is a 1.2-mile loop of easy to moderate hiking along an old railroad bed and through hilly terrain.

To access the Golden Harvest Preserve, turn right after crossing Volunteers Bridge and follow the railroad bed to the farm fields on the right or come in from Botsford Hill parking, following the railbed.
Features: Pond. Good fly-fishing along Shepaug River. Picnic tables at Volunteers Bridge, a suspension bridge built entirely by volunteers in 1991. Old railroad bed.

22. McMahan Preserve · 96 acres
No public access or trails.

23. Fulkerson Preserve · 9 acres
No public access or trails.

24. Orzech Family Preserve · 112 acres Hiking, Picnic, Fishing, Historic Site, Farm Fields, Cross-Country Skiing, Birding    Download Map
Access: Botsford Hill Road parking area to the blue gate at the old railroad bed and the Kress Family Trail which connects to the River Road, Golden Harvest and Erbacher Preserves. Please respect private property and use only marked parking areas. Additional parking near Orzech can be found at the River Road Preserve.
Trails: Approximately 1/4 mile, a new right hand trail sweeps up through the wooded hillside, crosses a stone wall bringing hikers into the Upper Orzech field with 2 ponds, a bench and sweeping views. Features: Working farm. Views. Historic railroad bed along Shepaug River.

25. Jagiri Loomba Preserve · 5 acres Fishing
Access: Off Route 67 near Mine Hill Road
Trails: None
Features: Shepaug River with fishing allowed.

Detailed Trail Maps Available
A set of detailed maps, with trails, contours and major features clearly marked, is available for $5 at the Land Trust office, Roxbury Town Clerk’s office, Minor Memorial Library and Maple Bank farm stand.

Although maps are posted at most trailheads and most trails are blazed, we highly recommend taking a detailed trail map with you. The following preserve maps can be downloaded in PDF format here: Baldwin, Battle Swamp/Raven Rock, Beardsley, The Greenbelt, Lilly/van Deusen, Mine Hill/Carter, Natalie White, River's Edge, River Road/Erbacher/Golden Harvest/Orzech Family Preserves and Tierney/Hurlburt.

You can downloard free Adobe Acrobat reader software, in order to read PDF files.

Trail Stewardship

Respect Our Farm Fields
The Roxbury Land Trust is committed to preserving our agricultural heritage. Please respect our farmers by staying off fields during the growing season and steering clear of operating machinery and livestock.

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